Dismantling Antisemitism

Principles for Dismantling Antisemitism

A group of progressive, Jewish organisations across the world have put forward principles for dismantling antisemitism. As they say, defining antisemitism does not actually do the work of dismantling it. 

We are committed to dismantling antisemitism alongside all forms of oppression and bigotry. To create safety and freedom for all people, including Jewish people, we affirm these principles for dismantling antisemitism:

Do not isolate antisemitism from other forms of oppression.

Challenge political ideologies that foment racism, hate, and fear.

Create environments that affirm and celebrate all expressions of cultural and religious life.

Make undoing all forms of racism and bigotry both policy and daily practice.

Practice safety through solidarity, not law enforcement.

To find more on understanding and dismantling antisemitism, visit our resources tab.